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Five Network Solution India Limited

Connecting People with fiber optic solutions

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

Pan India
Class A License

Advancing Connectivity

In our company, 'Five Network Solution (I) Ltd,' the ISP Class A license in India is of paramount significance. This license represents more than just a regulatory requirement; it symbolizes our unwavering dedication to advancing the nation's digital landscape. It underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality internet services to a broad user base, thereby making a substantial contribution to India's digital progress and development. The ISP Class A license held by 'Five Network Solution (I) Ltd' is a pivotal element in India's journey toward enhanced connectivity, improved access, and a digitally inclusive future

We are a long-standing ISP in India with extensive network experience

1 Lakh +


100 GB +

Network Capacity


Years experience 

Unlock Endless Entertainment

Our OTT Bundle Offer brings together the best in entertainment, combining multiple streaming features into one convenient package, simplifying your viewing experience and ensuring non-stop enjoyment.

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Optimize Workflow Excellence

All-In-One Solution

Boosting Efficiency, Quality, Collaboration, and Customer Satisfaction while Cutting Costs and Fostering Continuous Improvement.

FNSIL offers an all-in-one solution, combining various features to streamline processes and improve convenience for a broad range of domain-specific needs.

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Comprehensive Customer Support

Smart Automation Tools

FNSIL's focus on comprehensive customer support fosters loyalty, satisfaction, and business success through lasting relationships and positive referrals.

FNSIL's Smart Automation Tools boost efficiency, cut costs, and elevate quality, essential for staying competitive in a dynamic business landscape.

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Multistate Presence

With a multistate presence covering Maharashtra, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and Daman, we are well-equipped to expand our services across the entire country.

Regional Reach

National Expansion

Proven Expertise

What Our Clients Say

The Fiber connectivity service is incredibly prompt, offering more competitive plans compared to other ISPs. The team's responsiveness is commendable, always addressing late-night complaints

Mukesh Patel 

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Dholar, Daman

I rely on this internet service for my office's ticket booking operations, and its exceptional speed greatly enhances our online booking process. I'm thoroughly satisfied with the service

Priya Patil

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Patlara, Daman

I currently reside in Bhopal, and the Five network internet broadband WiFi router consistently delivers impressive speed and uptime, greatly facilitating my official work from home.

Sameer Dixit

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Bhopal, MP

The fiber broadband service on Majitha Road, Amritsar, is the best available in my area, which is why I've chosen it for my personal needs

Pearl Sharma

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Amritsar, Punjab

I've been enjoying the remarkable speed of Connect Broadband in Patiala, and it has undoubtedly been my best internet service experience. Their service is top-notch

Daljeet Singh

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Patiala, Punjab

Exclusive Offers
Unlock the Benefits

Discover our plans and embark on a journey toward a more productive and successful future. Elevate your efficiency just like our satisfied customers have. Contact us today!

100 Mbps

Starts at 


Terms & Condition*

GST extra as applicable*



Unlimited Usage


30 days Validity


Unlimited Binge with Add On OTTs - Premium pack


For Moderate Browsing / Usage

Maximizing Connectivity with Our Peering Solutions

Elevate Your Connectivity to New Heights with Our Peering Solutions. Join our esteemed clientele who have witnessed remarkable improvements in their network performance. Contact us today and take a step towards a more connected and successful future.

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